The Australian Cyber League ("ACL") will administrate WCS Season 3: Oceania/Southeast Asia Qualifiers and Challenger ("the Tournament") in accordance with these Official Rules, unless otherwise indicated. By participating in the Tournament each participant (each a "Player") agrees to abide by the terms of these Official Rules and the decisions of ACL (which shall be final and binding in all respects).

1. Eligibility & Entry:

i The Tournament is an open qualification Tournament to those who meet set eligibility requirements. With two key stages for the Qualifier and one stage for Challenger, qualification through each stage of the Tournament does not guarantee entry or progression to the following stages.

Each stage of the Tournament can be identified as:

The following eligibility requirements must be met in order to enter any stage of the Tournament:

Entry to the Tournament is free of charge. If you need further information please visit the official WCS announcement on residency requirements here

2. Definition of Terms


An instance of competition that is played on an official map until a winner is determined by one of the following methods, whichever occurs first:

(a) completion of the final objective (destruction of all buildings)

(b) Player Surrender.

(c) Player Forfeit.

(d) Awarded Game Victory.


A group of games that is played until one Player wins a majority of the total games (e.g., winning two games out of three ("best of three")). The winning Player will advance to the next round in a tournament format.


A participating person within the tournament also known as a Competitor. Players must abide by all rules stated below and follow all instructions by tournament admins.

3. Tournament Format:

Season 1 will operate as follows:

Competitors will register for Stage 1 of the Qualifiers. The top 12 from those qualifiers will meet 4 pre invited competitors to form a Round of 16 (Stage 2). The top 4 players from Stage 2 will advance to Challenger (Stage 3) where they will face off for two seeds into WCS Premier.

Road to Premier

WCS Season 3: Oceania/Southeast Asia Qualifiers

Stage 1 of the WCS Season 3: Oceania/Southeast Asia Qualifiers will start at 12PM AEST on Saturday 4th July and not end until the competition of the bracket in its entirety or 10:30PM AEST, whichever occurs first. In the case the Stage 1 bracket was not completed in its entirety, an official will speak with the remaining players to let them know what time they must be online on Sunday 5th July to complete the remaining bracket.

This bracket will consist of an unlimited amount of players who meet eligibility requirements such as residency and StarCraft II league.

Stage 2 of the WCS Season 3: Oceania/Southeast Asia Qualifiers will start at 12PM AEST on Sunday 5th July and not end until the completion of the bracket in its entirety.

This bracket will consist of 4 pre-invited and 12 qualified players. The 4 pre-invited players in no particular order are:

WCS Season 3: Oceania/Southeast Asia Challenger

This Tournament will start at 1PM AEST on Sunday 12th July and not end until the competition of the bracket.

This bracket will consist of 2 qualified players and the two WCS Season 2 Premier players (NXZ and Iaguz).

In all stages of competition once you have completed a round in the Tournament you are to continue straight into the next round after communicating the results of the completed set to Tournament officials. You are only allowed a short 5 - 10 minute break in-between. If you are waiting on the result of a previous match up before you can play your next series then you must simply wait patiently. You must then be ready to play as soon as your opposing Player is done with their previous series and now ready to play against you. Disappearing for long periods of time is not allowed and you could risk being disqualified if you are not ready to play your next match on time. Official discretion is final.

4. Prizes

During WCS Season 3: Oceania/Southeast Asia Qualifiers, Players shall have the opportunity to earn prize money based on their level of performance during those events.

The competing Players in the Round of 16 (Qualifiers) receive a share in the $2,500 AUD prize pool as follows:

The competing Players in Groups (Challenger) will receive a breakdown of $13,000+ USD.

5. Challenger Seeding

For season 1 seeding will be based off the official 2014 WCS points earned by each qualifying participant.

For season 2 and 3 seeding will be split. 1st and 2nd seed will be last season's Premier players while 3rd and 4th seed will be from Stage 2 of the WCS Season 2/3: Oceania/Southeast Asia Qualifiers.

Seeding tiebreakers will be decided as follows:

1) Total WCS 2015 points

2) Progression (eg Round of 16) in previous season of WCS Premier

3) Results of previous season of WCS Premier in this order: Sets won > Sets lost > Map Difference (eg Player A goes 1-3 in groups with a -1 map score while Player B goes 1-3 in groups with a -2 map score so Player A gets higher seed)

4) In the case all above conditions are the same seeding is based off coinflip

6. Right to Use Player Name, Photograph and Recorded Content

By entering the Tournament, each Player agrees to the posting, use, altering, editing, or modification of his or her name, photograph, likeness, voice, team logo, or other information relating to the Player and statements made or information supplied by the Player, each in whole or in part in any and all present and future media, worldwide, in perpetuity, in connection with the Tournament, and/or the sale publication, display, advertising and trade of Blizzard Entertainment and its affiliates, parent corporations, officers, and agents ("Blizzard") and/or ACL without any further attribution, notification or compensation, except where prohibited by law.  Player releases ACL and/or Blizzard from any and all liability associated with such use.  

7. Release

By participating, each Player and winner waives any and all claims of liability against Blizzard and ACL, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, and related companies, its sponsors, advertising and promotion agencies and partners, and any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents , from any and all liability for any loss, harm, damages, cost or expense, including without limitation property damages, personal injury and/or death, arising out of participation in the Tournament or the acceptance, use or misuse of the prize.

8. Online Event Equipment and Settings

8.1 Equipment

8.1.1. Players must provide their own equipment.

8.1.2. Players must provide their own Internet connection to the service. (Online Only)

8.1.3. Players must use their own Account with an active StarCraft II license with the latest expansion.

8.1.4. Players must use the same Account throughout the season.

8.1.5. Players are responsible in dealing with computer security and DDoS attacks to their own computer. (Online Only)

8.2 Computer Settings

8.2.1. No unapproved programs may be running during any matches.

a) Blizzard and the tournament organizer may determine acceptable programs at their discretion. Some programs that may be deemed acceptable: music, hardware monitoring, antivirus.

8.2.2. Players may not communicate with anyone besides their opponent and the tournament administrators during the game as outlined in the rules.

8.2.3. Interference by 3rd party programs may be cause for disqualification as ruled in the code of conduct.

8.3 Game Settings

8.3.1. The "Busy" setting in is required to be active.

8.3.2. Players must use default unit "skins" – Any extra unit "skins" are to be disabled.

8.3.3. The "Save All Replays" setting should always be active.

9. Online Tournament Rules

9.1 Players must be online and available during the designated times of their matches.

9.2 Players must get permission from the admin anytime they must leave their computer and provide a return time.

9.3 All matches will be played on the South East Asia server unless both players agree to compete on another server and an official is made aware.

9.4 Officials will assign Players either Blue or Red as their race colurs for each match.

9.5 Tournament administrators will host and start the matches unless declared otherwise.

9.6 Players may request a blind pick where each player will communicate their race to the tournament administration team before each match starts.

9.7 Players may switch races after each match.

9.8 During the game, players may not use chat except for a greeting, closing, and request for pause.

9.9 Players may not pause a game unnecessarily and should inform tournament administration team immediately the reason if a pause is required.

9.10 Players who intentionally quit a Game before it has ended without a tournament organizer’s permission will concede the Game.

9.11 In the case of a technical issue, the tournament organizer may restart the game from the beginning at their discretion.

9.12 If any player is disconnected from a game, they are required to wait for a tournament administrator to verify the situation and make one of the following decisions depending on the nature of the disconnect:

  1. Restart of the game from the beginning.
  2. Use "Recover Game" to start from an administrator designated point in time.
  3. Declare a winner or a forfeit.
  4. In case of the situation where both players are unable to win the game, tournament organizer will declare a draw and the game will be replayed.

9.13 Per competition day, each player will be given a 10 minute exception for disconnections. Players with multiple disconnections may be given a forfeit at the organizer’s discretion.

9.14 In Qualifiers, replay watching may be considered as a delay of game and be grounds for disqualification at the discretion of the organizer.

9.15 In the case a player is unable to compete in the next stage of a Tournament be they invited or qualified, the next eligible player based on the Tournament's individual criteria will replace that player.

10. Online Match Offenses

10.1 If a Player does not follow any of the rules listed above or instructions from an administrator, the player may receive a warning at the discretion of the tournament organizer.

10.2 If a Player causes a delay beyond the designated exceptions, the player will receive a warning.

10.3 Player misconduct as defined in the player responsibilities will receive a warning at the discretion of the organizer.

10.4 In a single competition day, if a Player receives

  1. two (2) warnings they will forfeit the next Game.
  2. three (3) warnings they will forfeit the next Set.
  3. four (4) warnings they will be disqualified from the Tournament.

10.5 Players may request the status of their total warnings from the organizer.

11. Player Code of Conduct

11.1 In all languages, Players may not use obscene gestures, profanity and/or racist comments in game chat, or live interviews. This includes abbreviations and/or obscure references.

11.2 Players are required to behave in a sportsmanlike manner towards other competitors, members of the administration team, media, and fans.

11.3 Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. If the organizer determines that a Player is cheating, the Player will be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament and may be restricted from participating in future events.

11.4 Any intentional use of any bugs or exploits in the game may result in a forfeit of the match and disqualification from the tournament. Bugs and exploits will be determined at the discretion of Blizzard Entertainment.

11.5 Players are not allowed to intentionally alter the results of any match. If the organizer determines that a Player is colluding or match fixing, the Player will be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament and may be restricted from participating in future events. Players must compete to the best of their ability at all times.

11.6 Players are not allowed to place wagers on any matches in the World Championship Series.

12. Player Code of Conduct Offenses

12.1 Code of Conduct violations will be reviewed by Blizzard Entertainment and the organizer.

12.2 Violations of the code of conduct may vary including a warning, an immediate disqualification, removal from the tournament, and/or restriction from participation in future events.

12.3 Final decisions regarding player violations are up to the discretion of Blizzard Entertainment.

13. General Player Rights and Responsibilities

13.1 Players have the right to have an in-game name and Clan Tag as long as it does not contain any profanity or inappropriate references.

13.2 Players must be polite to spectators and media, but players have the right to refuse non-official autograph signings, photo sessions, and interviews that are not in their tournament schedule. It is up to the player’s discretion to participate in non-official autograph signings, photo sessions and interviews.

13.3 Players have the right to participate in non-official autograph signings, photo sessions and interviews that do not conflict with their official tournament schedule.

13.4 Players have the right to express their opinions in a professional and sportsmanlike manner. Depending on the severity, false statements and other forms of defamation may cause a warning or removal from the league.

13.5 Players are responsible for submitting all legal waivers, affidavits, and tax forms as requested by the tournament organizer within 3 weeks of any request.

13.6 Players will be paid after an event within thirty (30) days from when paperwork was submitted with complete and correct information and on complete verification of penalties.

13.7 Players have the right to refuse to play. Matches that are not played will result in an automatic forfeit and may result in a disqualification. Tournament organizers, at their discretion, may reschedule online matches with twenty four (24) hours’ notice if the player provide a doctor’s notes in case of sickness, injury, or death notice in case of a loss of a family member. Players without a valid reason for refusal or withdrawal may be disqualified and suspended from participating in future league competitions.

14. Right to Publish

Tournament officials shall have the right to publish a declaration stating that a Player has been penalized. Any Players and/or team that may be referenced in such declaration hereby waive any right of legal action against the Tournament, ACL, Blizzard Entertainment, and/or any of their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, gents, or contractors.

15. Role of Referees

15.1 Referees are Tournament officials who are responsible for making judgments on every match-related issue, question and situation which occurs before, during, and immediately following match play.

15.2 At all times, referees shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, and shall issue rulings in an impartial manner and no passion or prejudice towards any player, team, team manager, owner, or other individual.

15.3 If a referee makes an incorrect judgment during a game, the judgment cannot be reversed, as the decision of the referee is absolute and final and there is no appeal process.